Welcome ..

.. to PaP Hosting.nl. With IT industry experience comes, let us say, a certain hatred for computers. Cheap computers perform rather poorly, and have terrible reliability. Expensive computers perform well, and have better reliability, but on the curve of money-vs-reliability, we always lose. That is to say, no matter how good our computers are, simple things like human/operator error, disk, CPU or memory failure, accidental deletion and so on, are all considered uptime killers.

This is why professional hosting providers and large enterprises have complex system architecture which spans many machines in often multiple datacenters, sometimes even on multiple continents. While for most internet users a simple Apache or IIS stand alone webserver is enough, for the owners of PaP Hosting, it is not. Time and time again we have seen people (ourselves included) be caught by single machine failure, lack of documented configuration, upgrades going astray, lack of backup and other operational nuisances taking down service or making recovery from failure harder than it should be.

Our mission: Implement a hosting solution which is (1) simple, (2) scalable, (3) reliable, and (4) cheap.

We strongly believe we can do this, with open source software, off the shelf operating systems and hardware, and we'll try to show you our guiding principles on this website. We're not in it for the money, we're in it for the uptime!

Pim van Pelt and Paul de Weerd